Jun Oson Artist collaboration Akrilyc edition signed numbered curation painting original canvas

Augmented Reality and Art Edition



akrilyc is a project aimed at revolutionizing the way we discover, 

experience, and collect Art.

It emerges from the common need of several friends to bring together Art, Design, and Technology. It’s the desire to create bridges between cultures, to easily access new trends, but also to educate, empower and inspire, all done supporting talented artists around the world.


We aspire to revive the idea of collecting “Le Beau”, we see it as a 

way of living, as an approach to life, and as a mindset,

that we share with you.

Welcome to akrilyc !





Exhibiting a selection of established artists and upcoming talents, akrilyc offers a truly eclectic mix to collectors. 


Discover on this page the artists who collaborate with us, their biography and their past and future projects.



With Augmented Reality, akrilyc introduces a new way of collecting Art :

by making it accessible, by strengthening the link between artist and collector, and reaching a whole new audience fond of new technologies.


Our vision is to create objects of art and design that interweave the physical and digital realms, thus becoming one.


 AR offers a completely new experience that is both immersive and fun.

We give artists access to cutting-edge technology, allowing them to fully express their creativity, having no limit but their imagination.


It's for creatives who are ready to leap into the unknown, and feel comfortable pursuing and establishing their art and themselves in unmanned territory. 

​ It is for the curious, the braves, and the pioneers. 






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