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Ayaïro AR Art " Waiting for my friend + COA


    Imagined in collaboration with the Japanese artist Ayaïro, this augmented reality sculpture based on one of her characters from the universe she created and developed. This digital character will accompany you on all your daily trips simply by using your smartphone.


    In the days following your purchase you will receive a link allowing you to connect to your collector profile, where you will find all your sculptures in augmented reality.


    A certificate of authenticity in A5 format will be sent to you, on it will be a unique drawing by the artist Ayaïro. What will make the bridge between the digital and the physical

    Ayaïro AR Art " Waiting for my friend + COA

    • The certificate of authenticity will be sent within 15 days after your purchase.

    • Born in 1991, Ayaïro is a Japanese artist known for her vivid and nostalgic painting style. Her works symbolically depict young children in the background of the dwindling Satoyama landscape of Japan, where she was born and raised. Her passion for her own roots is portrayed with genuine and colorful landscapes, mixed with adorable yet somewhat lonely images of children playing — evoking the viewer’s own reflection and childhood memories. Her works were featured in different art shows in Japan and around the world, including the US, Taiwan and Europe.

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